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How to Stop Philadelphia Real Estate Foreclosures

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // October 18, 2017

philadelphia real estate foreclosures

While most major U.S. cities saw a decrease in foreclosures last year, Philadelphia real estate foreclosures actually increased by 7% in the first part of 2016 according to Realty Trac. This increase was the second highest in America’s twenty largest cities and was second only to Boston. Even though Philadelphia is experiencing a hot real […]

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Philadelphia Housing Market Report

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // October 11, 2017

Philadelphia housing market

If you’ve looked at buying or selling a house chances are you know the Philadelphia housing market has been red hot. Philadelphia area real estate prices have been on the rise for quite some time now and that goes for both sales and rental properties. According to Market Watch, Philadelphia home prices have experienced “double-digit […]

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Philadelphia Foreclosure Process

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // October 4, 2017

Philadelphia foreclosure process

The Philadelphia foreclosure process can be complex to navigate. If you’re at risk of being foreclosed on or are behind on your mortgage payments and fear a foreclosure may be coming, then it’s time to get the facts about how this whole system works. Here at D&D Property Solutions we’re real estate experts who have […]

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