Dollar Homes for Sale in Philadelphia

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // June 13, 2018

dollar homes for sale in Philadelphia

Here at D&D Property Solutions we occasionally get questions about dollar homes for sale in Philadelphia. Houses for $1 sound like some sort of scam or too good to be true. So, what’s the deal with $1 houses? Let’s dive in and find out! Two Kinds of $1 Homes The first thing you need to […]

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How to Buy Foreclosure Homes in Philadelphia PA

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // June 6, 2018

foreclosure homes in Philadelphia PA

Have you ever been interested in buying foreclosure homes in philadelphia pa? The process can be a little daunting to someone who has never done it before, but if you have the time, patience and money you might just find yourself a great deal. Let’s break down exactly how a home gets to the foreclosure […]

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Summer is Heating Up at the Philadelphia Foreclosure Auction

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // May 30, 2018

Philadelphia foreclosure auction

Summer is upon us and before the temperatures climb even higher, it might be time to check out the Philadelphia foreclosure auction if you’re looking to buy a house or other property. The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office holds regular auctions to sell different homes to the public and if you are prepared you might just find […]

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What’s Going on With Philly Realty?

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // May 9, 2018

Philly realty

Philly realty has been hot for the last couple of years. If you own or have been looking to own property in this great city, you undoubtedly know that. But are those hot seller market days here to stay? The market from the last few years has been spurred on by low inventory, historically low […]

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Where to Buy a House in Philadelphia

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // May 2, 2018

where to buy a house in Philadelphia

Where to buy a house in Philadelphia is one of the most popular questions we answer here at D&D Property Solutions. It’s a huge city with very different neighborhoods that have a lot of offer. What neighborhood is perfect for you will depend on your own unique situation. Where you work, your likes, your dislikes, […]

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Lofts in Philadelphia: Pros and Cons

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // April 25, 2018

Lofts in Philadelphia

Lofts in Philadelphia are a great alternative to traditional apartments, condos or houses. If you’re looking for a cool and unique living set up, then lofts should be on your list. Lofts are a great option for living in Philadelphia and thanks to plenty of older industrial spaces to convert into residential spaces, there are […]

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Philadelphia Real Estate Investors

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // April 18, 2018

Philadelphia real estate investors

When most people think about Philadelphia real estate investors they think about mogul types that do multi-million dollar deals to construct high rise towers. While that is one kind of real estate investor there are other types that help ordinary home owners when they need to sell their homes fast. Here at D&D Property Solutions, […]

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Selling a Home in Philadelphia

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // April 11, 2018

selling a home in philadelphia

When it comes to selling a home in Philadelphia you have plenty of options. A lot of people just do what most other people do; they call a realtor. Some try to go about the process of selling by themselves and go the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route. Each has its own advantages and […]

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2018 Philadelphia Housing Trends

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // March 21, 2018

2018 Philadelphia Housing Trends

There is a lot to follow when it comes to 2018 Philadelphia housing trends. Here at D&D Property Solutions we deal with a wide range of clients that have an even wider range of needs, so we always like to keep an eye on what’s going on in this great city’s real estate market. While […]

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Philadelphia Neighborhoods: China Town, Market East & Rittenhouse Square

Posted by D&D Property Solutions // March 14, 2018

Philadelphia neighborhoods are what make this city such a unique and amazing place to live. While all of Philly shares certain cultural and historical aspects, the city has many different vibes based on which neighborhood you’re in. From family friendly suburbs to hip artist filled lofts, you’ll find it all in Philly. As such, from […]

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